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Frequently Asked Questions

I am not able to log-in

You may not be registered with us. You can register yourself on www.classtrak.in or call us at 9354793592

I am not receiving OTP

Please ensure you are entering the number that is registered with us. If yes, please wait for some time. Sometimes, OTPs are delayed due to network congestion. In case you do not receive the OTP even then, please call us at 9354793592.

Some of my students are not getting the SMS notifications. Why?

You may have set an incorrect notification preference for the student. Please go to Students Module and modify Student Details. You have to simply update the preference and choose the number to which the SMS needs to be sent.

Some of my students are not getting the E-Mail notifications. Why?

Please check if you have entered e-mail details while adding the student. If not, please update the same for them to receive e-mail notifications.

None of my students are getting the SMS notifications for the sessions that I am conducting.

Please browse to the session and click on notify all for them to receive notifications.

I am not able to view any session

Please check if you have selected the right date for which you are looking to view sessions. If yes, please check if you have a session created in the time table. If not, you can create the slots in the timetable section for a recurring session or go to the sessions module to create an ad-hoc session.

I am not able to add a student to a session.

Please check if the subject that the student has been admitted for is the subject for which the session is scheduled. If yes, please check in case the capacity of the session is already full. You can increase the capacity from the time table module.

My students are not able to view the sessions he/she is supposed to attend

Please check if those students are added into the session. To do this, please go to the session and click on the student icon. In case the students are not visible, please add them in the session. Please note, if you add the students from here, they get added only for this particular session. If you want to add a student to any recurring sessions, please modify his/her timetable.

My students are not able to join online meeting on student App. What could be the issue?

Your students can join only once you have started the session. Also, only students who are part of the session will be able to join. In case, a student is not part of a session, please add him into the session for him to be able to join.

Live classes are stopping and the voice is not clear?

This may be due to internet issues at your end or at the students’ end. Please ensure both of you have enough bandwidth to support video calls.

The student is not able to hear me and nor am I able to hear him.

The student needs to allow microphone and speaker access from his device. For more details on how to do that, please view our tutorial on Live Classes.

I am not able to upload videos or media files anymore?

You may have exhausted the storage capacity that you have subscribed to. Please remove the files you do not need or call us to get your storage capacity increased.

Can I share videos or media files with all of my students?

In ClassTrak, you can share your videos or media files with whoever you chose and for whatever duration you chose.

A student is not able to view a video I shared.

Please check the duration for which you had shared the video. The access may have expired for the student.

My App is crashing, what should I do?

Please check if you have the updated version of the app. If yes, please report it to us.