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About ClassTrak

ClassTrak is a complete and personalized learning management platform for private tutors, hobby teachers, and institutes that helps them conduct classes- both online and in-class, efficiently and with great, tech-enabled competitive edge. Well suited to freelancers and institutes alike, ClassTrak helps you Move Tuitions Online. We provide complete infrastructure for tutors to conduct their classes online, seamlessly.

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Our exhaustive range of tools and features make everything simple.


Conduct Live sessions for students on their dedicated application- the student version of the Classtrak app. You can teach up to 100 students at a time, share your screen, and have an option to record the class.

Live Online Classes


Allows you to store content in the form of videos, images, and documents. You can filter it by subject, grade, and topics. Students are able to view the shared content on their apps.

Virtual Library


Create tests of your choice ranging from multiple-choice questions to subjective questions to true & false and many such more. Schedule assessments as per your requirement and enjoy automatic evaluation too for most types of questions.



Assign tasks for your students and set a deadline. Students are provided with homework submission reminders too. Online submissions of the homework make for easy retrieval making referencing and revisions easy.



Offer a personalized experience without any additional efforts. Add details about the student and their parents. Configure schedules, fees, payment schedules, and notification preferences. Map a student with multiple subjects and classes whenever applicable.

Student Module


No more forgetting classes, no more doubts about classes attended/missed/ rescheduled- now plan sessions and send intimation to all concerned at the click of a button. Customize as per your teaching format. Reschedule sessions for the entire group or for just an individual. Send automated or manual notifications to parents reminding them of planned sessions, changed timings, holidays, and canceled sessions

Easy Scheduling


Calculate fees automatically basis the calendar or the number of sessions attended. Send automated payment reminders to all at pre-configurable frequencies. Monitor the defaulter list and send follow-up reminders. Option for parents and students to pay online using credit & debit cards, net banking, wallets, UPI, etc. Receive the payments directly into your bank account. Ability to update offline payments for records



Option for students to self-check in and check out of the class. Option for teachers to manually mark attendance. Enhanced safety- a huge requirement voiced by most parents, via instant notification to parents at check-ins and check-outs. Generation of automated attendance reports.



Manage the entire faculty strength of your institute. Determine their roles and accesses as per your requirement and enjoy an admin view of everything.

Employee & Role Management

Teachers & Institutes

The integration of information technology in education has been further accelerated in the last few months. Going forward, learning would either move online or would be in an integrated form, combining the best of offline and online teaching techniques. ClassTrak partners with tutors and institutes in their journey through this transition and enables a smooth and easy, technology-powered experience. By combining a learning platform with a Mini-ERP system, ClassTrak presents an all-rounded solution for private tutors and institutes. This helps them provide a superior experience to their students while managing their own sessions and related engagements with great ease.



Customer Satisfaction

We make the learning experience better for your students


We take care of all your admin tasks- scheduling, rescheduling, reminders, attendance tracking, dues and payment management


We send instant notifications to students whenever necessary


We sync up calendars for you and your students and eliminate non-value add manual intervention


We ensure you receive your payments on time


We use the latest technologies to ensure a seamless experience for all stakeholders

Future Ready

We ensure that you stay ahead of the curve through the changing times


We Create a Safe and Nurturing Learning Environment for Each Child

Research shows that on average, students retain 25-60% more material while learning online compared to only 8-10% in a classroom. E-learning is also typically seen as taking 40-60% less time to learn. Students can learn at their own pace, going back and re-reading necessary sections, skipping what they already know, and accelerating or otherwise through concepts as per their own comprehension and comfort levels. ClassTrak provides students with a platform that enables them to learn online from the best of teachers at a time when online learning has become more relevant than ever.

Parents & Students

  1. Complete Synchronization

    Calendars are auto-synchronized for both- the teachers and students

  2. Instant Notifications

    Instant Notifications for classes, rescheduling, cancellations and payment reminders

  3. Feedback & Progress Tracking

    Monthly reports summarizing Teachers’ Feedback on Students’ Performance

  4. Query Resolution

    Queries posted get addressed by teachers

  5. Ratings & Reviews

    Rate and Review the teachers enabling them to identify areas of improvement

  6. Transparency

    Dashboards for attendance, topics covered, library access and payments accessible to both, teachers and students

Adson Bennett

Mahima Music Academy

ClassTrak has proven themselves as a trustworthy and reliable partner for us in our journey of moving our classes online. We appreciate the attention that we get in terms customer support and service. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a quality bespoke eLearning Platform.

Anil Dewan

Shivalik Judicial Academy

We have been running our academy on ClassTrak for the last few months. It has been a seamless experience. Close to 100 students have been logging in daily to our classes through our personalized app

Namit Bareja


We at MediUpSkill, an initiative of Touchlife Foundation Trust and Centre for Disaster & Emergency Preparedness (CDEP) have partnered with ClassTrak to fulfil our vision of providing supplementary education for healthcare professionals across the country.

Rekha Gupta

Vedic Shaktis

I conduct abacus and Vedic Maths classes through ClassTrak. The staff is very cooperative and helpful. Things have become easier and faster for kids and they are enjoying the classes even more